Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Economics of Used Cars

From the stone tools of prehistoric people to the robots of today, human civilization is founded on a host of inventions. While many inventions such as computers (global communication), jet engines (faster transport) and tractors (transform in agriculture) have proven as boons to humans, certain inventions like cars have added to the human misery. Let us see how.

The inventor of car would not have imagined that one day his invention would create more problems than solve them.  Forget traffic jams and pollution, cars are the most underutilized inventions of all. A typical car has the capacity to sit 3-4 more people yet we find a single person behind the wheel on majority of the cars on the roads! This is because there is a car for each person who can afford it so sharing it is practically not always feasible.

Bowing to conspicuous consumption and their own profit motive, car manufacturers keep on adding new models every year. This has created unprecedented situation where the streets and roads remain of same width while cars keep on multiplying.

There is no simple solution for this enormous problem. However, if a section of population feels it can do a bit then the idea of using used cars can at least solve the problem partially. The following benefits may accrue if people start using used cars.

Cheaper: buying a new car will cost you a fortune. Used cars come at a fraction of the new ones.
Readily Available: you can buy a used car of your liking off the shelf while you have to wait for a particular model of a newly launched car.
Environmentally Sound: used cars means less cars on roads, which means saving fossil fuels and reduction in global warming.
Ease Traffic and Congestion: less cars means less load on roads
Repairable: contrary to popular thinking, used cars work as good as new if we keep on repairing them. Don’t we see shining cars of the 1960s and 70s still running on the roads?
Vintage Value: even new cars become redundant in few years and end up in scrap yards. Old cars, if maintained perfectly, can acquire a vintage or classic value and can fetch higher value than its original price.

Looking at the above points, buying a used car will prove a sound economical sense. Cumberland Ford is one of the largest suppliers of Used Cars Sydney, Australia, especially used Ford cars of any model. Visit for further details.

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